Tooth Implant Cost

Tooth Implant Cost – If you have a missing tooth, you might not feel like smiling. But you don’t have to live with an embarrassing gap between your teeth if you don’t want to. The best option is to replace a missing tooth. But, the tooth implant cost depends on many factors, its depending on where you live and the type of implantation.

There are many variables such as bone grafting, number of teeth, type of implants and type of restoration (crown, bridge, or denture). In the Cleveland, Ohio area where I practice, $4000-$5000 for a single tooth (including surgery and restoration) would be a rough ballpark number for an implant. Fees here are generally lower than say New York, Los Angeles or Chicago.

Single implants may range in cost from $900 to $3,000, depending on the aforementioned factors. The cost of full-mouth reconstructive dental implants can range from $24,000 to $96,000. When considering a single implant, remember, there’s some factors to consider, such as:

  1. The tooth should only be extracted if it is beyond saving.
  2. There are two major components to every finished implanted tooth: a surgical component and a prosthodontic component.
  3. General dentists and various registered dental specialists offer dental implants.

Tooth Implant Cost for Varying Implant Needs

When you visit the dentists or the specialists, they would provide suggestions for you to know more about your dental conditions. Without letting you know about what is happening in your mouth, they would not propose you a treatment. Therefore, you can take the time to listen to their advice and then make necessary decisions about tooth implant.

The estimated cost to replace single teeth primarily ranges between US$3,000-US$4,500. While dental implant costs for multiple teeth largely depends on the size and number of missing teeth. The actual tooth implant cost for multiple teeth can be determined only after consulting a doctor. On the other hand, costs for removable dentures are between US$5,000 to US$18,000. The dentures can be easily removed depending on one’s requirements. While the cost of a tooth implant non-removable dentures are a bit expensive and normally ranges from US$20,000 to US$30,000.

Implanting a tooth is expensive. It also takes a long period of time for the tooth to be stable. So, finding an oral surgeon that is highly qualified is extremely important. You need to make sure that they have experience in caring for patients that have your particular condition.

The best option is to search online and make a thorough price comparison of various dental or medical clinics available in the residing area. Likewise yellow pages or other directories can be referred as not all dental schools will hold websites. The other suitable means is to determine if the tooth implant cost  is covered in any of the medical insurance available in the market. Medical insurance or discount plans is the perfect way to substantially cut down huge implants bills. Some of the discount plans aids to save more than 35% on the tooth implant cost incurred.

In conclusion, tooth implant cost can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, some of the implants are very durable and they can last for decades or even a whole life. So, be advice!

I hope this short reviews of Tooth Implant Cost can help for your consideration.